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Have you ever wondered what an Italian Sommelier chooses for his wedding Wine List?

Well, now you'll find out because I'll show you my menu! I got married on 11 May and with the consent of my bride, I will reveal my selection and my menu .... Are you ready?

Well, let's start with the fact that I had to choose from almost 100 wineries that make great wines. But as you will discover by following me, I prefer small cellars that really represent the territory, not noble names. In my opinion, noble names are expensive and "linear".

My Wedding Wine List selection is therefore dictated by the fact that I know enological Italy as well as I know my pockets. I know the cellars that make natural and fantastic wines. Now…. I will reveal my menu and explain my selection process (there will also be a final surprise ....):

Opening aperitif of Wedding Wine list:

Durello Vulcano Zambon: a complex and volcanic Charmat method! Also, simple to drink as an aperitif, high acidity that gives freshness but mineral tones that remain etched on the palate! The aperitif included typical cured meats and sfogliatelle of Verona.

First appetizer:

Polenta and "pancetta salamata", zucchini flower stuffed and au gratin. I wanted to accompany this appetizer with Soave Cru le Cervare di Zambon. I continued the volcanic line and the complexity of a wine that can match well with the salami, and also the delicate flavors of the flowers, but also with the decision of frying.

Trout mousse with lemon cream; and bresaola saccottino with ricotta and chives. Here it was very difficult as the flavors were completely different.

I decided to remove all the puff and continue with the volcanic route of the Etna of Teresa Heccher. We maintain the minerality and flavor, but a rounder palate given by the sugar degree.

Eggplant tortelloni sautéed with fresh tomatoes, served with mozzarella pesto and basil, with a white pinot of collio - fresh, light, and caramel!

Bon Bon of oven-baked ricotta cheese on Monte Veronese cream and truffle flakes. I choose

the Greco Di Tufo Oltre of Bellaria! A wine among the best 100 in the world that I combined for its roundness and the perfect combination with truffles! A joy this pair!

We enter the fifth dish of my Wedding wine list:

Risotto with white Verona asparagus and duck breast; As the last white wine, I choose the Baron di Pauli Gewutzraminer. Not only aromatic, but with an acidity that cleans your mouth, ready to prepare even red wines!

Maybe I was wrong, but trust me, the food has become 5 times better with wine! Also for our guest!

Now let's move on to the seconds by jumping into the lemon sorbet! :)

If you are also getting married, write to Hello@thesimplewine.com to have your Wedding wine list directly from our Italian sommeliers with our 250 labels already in US!

Second course of my wedding menu list:

Sliced beef with olive oil and herbs; pork fillet with porcini mushrooms and shallot. I accompanied this with a powerful, but not too much, wine: Valpolicella Ripasso, "Corte San Benedetto 2012," a powerful yet delicate wine able to make you appreciate, but not overpower the tastes of meat. All accompanied by seasonal vegetables.

After the break, the typical cheeses were served with honey and mustards from the area, and here the "Garbole" Amarone was chosen for the power of wine and dairy products. A collectible wine that does not seek pairings, but only meditation.

For the wedding cake ... .surprise ...... Dom Perignon! Yes, my menu is not only Italian wines, but also great wines that you cannot pretend are not worthy!

But I do not hide that at the end of the cake for the festivities were opened bottles of Amarone garbole "Hurlo" of 2008 because here in my territory the bubbles are appreciated, but the Amarone is our wine of good wishes. So I decided to close the perfect wedding Wine List with the Amarone! Cheers!

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