This is one of our cellar's most representative wines, as it is the most characteristic of the only village where it is produced. Diano d'Alba. Sori means a vineyard with the best exposure to the sun in the local Piedmontese dialect. Our Sori is Bric Camparo. Diano d'Alba can be called the local farmer's wine. It always used to be the most  popular wine to drink with meals in the Langhe, and for us it still is : we like to enhoy this very simple, yet equally magnificent wine at both lunch and dinner. 


Intense ruby red, with slightly spicy and vinous aromas of wild berries and cherries. Velvety, soft and full-bodied on the palate, with a typical almondy aftertaste. 


This is one of the Langa's historic wines, so it goes wonderfully with our local dishes as well as others, such as tagliatelle with meat sauce, filled pastas, cold cuts, boiled meats, poultry and semi-har cheeses.


Diano D'Alba

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